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"...WOW!  This is no ordinary novel!  Yes, the story is told in a wonderful way with hammock tarp and it certainly keeps you turning the pages, but it is so much more.  It is also a collection of deep spiritual truths and nuggets of wisdom discovered as the story unfolds.  I am certain it will have a profound and meaningful impact on those who read it as it did on me."


Kurt D. Green

Founder and President, Sequoyah Technologies



"...The Alabaster Cross is a gripping adventure... But more than that, it is an intriguing saga of relationships purchase hammock strap with a among complicated people. No cardboard characters here!   The heroes and villains of this tale are multi-dimensional, so true-to-life that the reader gets the feeling he knows each one personally!  The eternal struggle between good and evil, love and loss, and man's struggle for survival against overwhelming odds, plays out in the lives and characters of each person, showing clearly the consequences of the choices made by each.  Dr. Exley shows his profound understanding of human nature as he crafts this riveting novel...definitely a MUST READ!"


Evelyn Looper

Counselor and Educator

About Richard...

For nearly twenty-five years Richard Exley served as a pastor. During those years he also wrote a number of books and served as the radio host of the nationally syndicated Straight From the Heart.

Thirteen years ago he left the pastorate to devote his time to writing and speaking. He is the author of twenty-nine books and is much in demand as a conference and retreat speaker. His best known books include The Making of a Man, Witness the Passion and A Man of Valor. His first novel, The Alabaster Cross, will be released in October 2006.

When he is not speaking at retreats and conferences across the country, Richard and his wife, Brenda Starr, spend their time in a secluded cabin overlooking picturesque Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas.

Richard enjoys quiet talks with old friends, kerosene lamps, good books, a warm fire when it is cold, and a good cup of coffee any time. He's an avid Denver Broncos fan, an aspiring bass fisherman, an amateur photographer, and the proud grandfather of Alexandria Starr Baker and Deuce Baker.

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If you desire a closer walk with Christ Encounter with Christ is a must read.  I was captivated by the twelve extraordinary encounters.  Richard Exley brought the scriptures alive in a new and refreshing way for me and he will for you.  One of the best books I have read in recent years.

Ronald D. Glosser

President and CEO (Retired)

Hershey Trust Company

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